The Five Best Hikes in Hong Kong


tailongwanYou wouldn’t know it from your first glimpse at its famous glass and steel skyline, but nearly three-quarters of Hong Kong is undeveloped countryside – a patchwork of windswept ridgelines and overgrown valleys that covers the length and breadth of the territory.

Many urbanites head to the hills to hike on the weekend to escape the oppressive downtown crowds, and four long-distance hiking trails with dozens of shorter offshoots leave Hong Kongers spoiled for choice.

So grab a decent pair of shoes and plenty of water and get out there – you’ve got 300 km of trail ahead of you if you want to see it all! Here are five of Hong Kong’s best hikes:

5. Tai Long Wan – Stage 2 Maclehose Trail

Hong Kong’s best beaches are also the territory’s most remote, and one of the only ways to get to them is on foot.

From Sai Kung Town, make your way to the end of the Sai Kung Man Yee Road along the High Island Reservoir, the starting point for stage 2 of the Maclehose Trail.

Just over the first hill is Long Ke beach, a

iem Reap to Saigon – a relaxing river cruise through Cambodia and Vietnam


vi1In contemplating a trip to Southeast Asia, there are few adventures more alluring than taking a slow boat down the Mekong River. Standing atop the breezy deck of a comfortable, modern riverboat as it cruises past lush rice fields, towering palm trees and lazy fishing villages affords one of those rare experiences that simultaneously relaxes the body while energizing the mind.

When my wife, Arlene, and I started preparing for our 2015 Southeast Asia trip several months in advance, we knew we wanted to spend one of our travel weeks on the lower Mekong, sailing from Siem Reap in Cambodia to the Delta in Vietnam. A growing number of boats, ranging from the basic to the luxurious (with prices to match), now ply this route, but it didn’t take a lot of online research to zero in on the 32-cabin, 3-deck vessel that offered the ideal combination of sailing date, itinerary, comfort and price: the Mekong Prestige II.

Making arrangements

We made our arrangements through Viet Prestige Travel (phone +84 4 6686 5833,, a Hanoi-based agency that responded courteously and promptly to all of our emailed

Enjoying village accommodations and spectacular underwater sights on a trip to Indonesia’s Raja Ampat islands


Snorkeling over massive soft corals.In my extensive travels, my goal is always to find unique cultural experiences. When planning my January 2015 trip to Indonesia, I discovered just such an experience: the opportunity to stay in a traditional Papuan island village. Such a stay would offer accommodations in private bungalows and the chance to interact with locals, view exotic wildlife and swim over the most diverse coral reefs in the world.

Some of my family members, ages 42 to 70, were enthusiastic, so we chose three villages to visit and headed to Raja Ampat, a collection of remote South Pacific islands located in Indonesia’s West Papua province, between Australia and the Philippines.

These islands are governed by Indonesia, but their indigenous people are Papuans, a very distinct and culturally interesting group.

Getting there

Reaching the islands where the Papuan villages were located was an adventure in itself. We began by flying to Indonesia via the cities of Jakarta and Makassar. From there, we flew to Sorong, West Papua, a waterfront town bustling with tuk-tuks and about 220,000 people.

We chose a taxi for the 10-minute ride to the harbor, where we boarded a twice-daily ferry to the

Plans – Getting Started & Next Steps

Tips for Organizing a Retreat Your initial priority will be to think about a subject. Factor in the things that you want the gathering to learn. Further, think whether you want the participants to have fun or have a moment with God. In case you decide that you want the theme to focus on enjoyment then pick a location that has the best spa services. Also, ensure that you include contemplation and space to be silent with God. Similarly, for the entire event to be successful, you have to select the best location. You will not have a challenging time trying to locate a place to carry out your event. Ensure that you ask for recommendation from your colleagues and relatives about the places that they have visited before. Likewise, there are many Christian retreats that have websites hence you can find the best on the Internet. Also, ensure that it is near your residence. You can also consider bed and breakfasts. Consider whether there will be a speaker. Also, be sure about the money that you will pay him. Similarly, you can ask your close relatives if they know any speaker. Equally, you can visit Christian

The Path To Finding Better Guesthouses

Nelspruit Guesthouses for Your Summer Getaway Arranging to travel is half of the job; the other fifty percent is unquestionably choosing the best places to stay. Choosing a location to stay may make or ruin your vacation. Always determine in advance what kind of holiday vacation you hope on enjoying. Will it be activity laden? Does it include a great deal of taking in the sights and dining? Would it be utter indulgence with days spent on lazing around the water or shoreline getting a suntan? Could it be taking advantage of a bit of pampering such as spa treatment? Based on exactly what you prefer, you must select your space of accommodation. Clearly, once you have plans for taking the time around a outdoor pool or taking pleasure in a spa care, you must opt for an property that has the capability to grant you these under one roof. Thus, you would not inevitably be traveling around from location to location to delight in these comforts. Should you be going for an activity abundant getaway and are an adventurous type, why not consider the amazing outdoor camping options that are building in acceptance? If

What You Should Know About Services This Year

Tips In Getting A Vietnam Visa People travel to Vietnam for a lot of reasons. Among the many reasons people prefer Vietnam as their destination are the nice weather and the amazing food. Compared to countries like China, India and the other countries around Vietnam, it is comparably smaller. You can get to Vietnam using any of its three international airports which are in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. There are a lot of tourists who visited Vietnam multiple times. Vietnam has progressed a lot that you could not imagine that the country used to be a battlefield. Nowadays, there are a lot of corporations doing business in the country. Expect all the fun and entertainment when you are in Vietnam. Just like most countries, you need a visa to get into Vietnam. If you want to know the recent price for a visa, you can find information of Vietnam visa online. There are some countries which Vietnam provides visa upon arrival. The common methods of securing a Vietnam visa are the Vietnam Embassy and online application. You can get your visa faster online than when you go through the Embassy. Therefore, most tourists

Lessons Learned from Years with Passes

How Cheap Can Train Tickets Get? There are several forms of commuting, it can be as personal as driving your own car or as public as taking the train. Though it may not be as expensive as buying a car and getting gas, train rides can still be expensive. It is not common knowledge that there are a few techniques you can use to save money on train fare. There is a huge advantage for people who plan train rides in advance and book tickets a few weeks before their trip because the fare rates are cheaper. Cheap train seats become available when new scheduled trips are released and this is why its going to do you good to check up on the train’s timetable from time to time. Advertising campaigns are still done by railway companies and they do this in the form of cheap seats being sold the moment they release a new schedule of trips in the hopes of enticing passengers to take the train. Cheap train tickets are there due to the law created about it but the number of these available seats are limited. It is best to find out

Finding Ways To Keep Up With Traveling

Fun Activities When Having Having a Vacation in Utah Valley Heading to Utah provides many forms of activities that will help you become active and busy, even if the destination is different, there are several useful reasons for having an excellent time in Utah Valley. You can do winter sports or snowboarding, the area has been well-known for performing certain sporting competitions, that means it is worth paying a visit and you could set in to various vacation resort all around the area, it is also visible in the license plates of many cars. You can even do some biking in the wilderness and numerous countrywide parks in the region, it includes many paths all around the vicinity that are recommendable for beginners to expert biking followers, biking is possible even on rocky, snowy or any land that you would like to create an adventure, there are even sporting contests and celebrations that enable biking in the moonlight. You can do hiking in virtually any mountain that you would like, it’s the best walking place, other canyons offer a stunning view during sunrise, especially if you are in a holiday in Utah Valley, there’s a walking

Short Course on Tips – Covering The Basics

Most Common American Holidays There are in fact different kinds of American holidays these days and for most Americans, the two of these stands above the others as kind of occasions which cherishes national origins. Thanksgiving Day are celebrated during the fourth Thursday in November, but a lot of Americans usually takes a day of vacation after that day in order to make a four-day weekend. In this time of year, they usually travel long distances for them to be able to visit some family and friends. The holiday actually started in the year 1621, the year after which Puritans arrived in Massachusetts which were determined to practice the dissenting religions that they have without interference. The Fourth of July or known commonly as Independence Day is celebrated in order to honor the birthday of the nation which was the signing of the Declaration of Independence in July 4, 1776. This is usually the day of fireworks, patriotic parades and also concerts. The flying of the American flag that also occurs during memorial day or other holidays are in fact widespread. During July 4 1976, the 200th year anniversary on the Declaration of Independence was in fact

The Best Advice on Vacations I’ve found

Why Going on a Trip to Mexico is Beneficial One who has a job and many duties at home might feel like he or she is too busy with everyday life to even think of taking time off to plan a wonderful vacation for the whole family to enjoy. It is important to know, however, that everyone needs a vacation, especially the busiest of people, as never taking a break from work might be the cause of a physical or mental breakdown due to all the stress which might accumulate in your body and mind. If you want to ensure that you are always healthy and refreshed, then, it is a good idea for you to start planning a trip to another country, as there is nothing more thrilling and satisfying than seeing other places in the world. It is good to know that there are many places across the globe which provide wonderful things to people, one of which is the country of Mexico, which has never failed to please, excite and satisfy its visitors. One who is a fan of warm, sultry days and fresh seawater will love visiting Mexico, as this country

The Best Advice About Agents I’ve Ever Written

Why Is It Great To Hire A Corporate Travel Agent? Knowing the specifics of the travel may be tricky enough when taking a trip for some personal reasons. With all requirements and laws, most especially with international excursions, it may be both time consuming and confusing to those who are unfamiliar with it. And in the event that something is not done right even by accident, you might just be surprised at the hassles that it may bring including fines or worst, lawsuits. Instead of risking themselves to committing mistakes, there are many people who prefer to work with travel agents. It is important for businesses as well as companies to utilize the service of a corporate travel agent when sending employees on business trip regardless if the destination is abroad or just across the country. Without a doubt, globalization brought corporate world to a whole new level. While it’s true that technology made things a lot easier to arrange conferences and meetings face to face, nothing can still replace travelling to meet with whom you’re doing business personally. Instead of doing a face to face meeting digitally, this can actually send better message and professional courtesy.

Smart Tips For Finding Options

Wilderness Survival Tips

Due to your busy schedule, you are able to to take alight some of your must-brings like a bottle of water or even a hanky. This is practically okay since you can get by without these. But what if the situation turns into something unexpected and you find yourself in the middle of the wilderness and having no one with you? Sometimes, it is good to expect the unexpected, so you can prepare yourself adequately.

How to Survival in the Wilderness: Tips and Hints to Know


It is advisable to always be communicating to someone your trip whereabouts. Never pursue a trip without you telling a close friend or family the details of your journey. If someone knows about your trip, you are sure that there will be people seeking out for you if you are not able to go back home. Make it sure that you communicate to them not just your destination but also the time duration within which you will be away.


Alright, you are in a difficult and unusual situation, so it is normal to fear and panic. But it will be hard for you

5 Takeaways That I Learned About Traveling

Finding the Best Colorado Lodge Colorado is a Western United States of America state that is characterized by snow-capped hills, arid and semi-arid areas and river canyons. It is a living space where a person or group of people can access and spend one or more nights at a given cost. Colorado the lodge is also known as the historic hotel room. Located in Manitou’s historic downtown district, the historic hotel room was started in 1926. It is a satisfying resort point because it was established close to other historic sites such as Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak Cog, and the Old Colorado City. For a very long time, the lodge has become a place where people of all ages and social affiliation come to spend a great time. It not only offers comfort to its visitors but also a clean environment with a full range of advanced services. The lodge remains to be one of the oldest businesses still in existence in Manitou. The lodge has been equipped with properly renovated cabins that blend in with the antique designs of 1927. All cabins have also been installed with modern day appliances

Suggestions for Males Journeying Alone

Vacationing as some sort of single male poses some sort of number involving excellent advantages, but this also gifts some difficulties. Most traveling advice regarding singles is actually tailored in order to a lady’s point of view, nevertheless solo males face several of the particular same completeness as properly as distinctive obstacles whenever globetrotting. Very careful planning along with common perception play critical roles throughout this consider: It will take only 1 bad judgment to change a wish vacation straight into a nightmare.

Contacting a registered cab firm when going at night time can preserve you coming from getting inside non-listed taxis along with becoming sufferers of fraud, and simply because a person are any man really does not imply that an individual are not necessarily at threat. Especially throughout developing nations around the world, seedy owners sometimes program with some sort of group regarding cohorts for you to detain their very own vehicle upon a privately owned stretch regarding road. After that they move out guns and pressure you in order to comply together with their requirements.

Single guys traveling upon a price range will usually opt to be able to stay from hostels along with shared suites. Be conscious

Benefits of Going on a Hiking Holiday

Hiking is a great experience for people who love the outdoors. If you are planning your next holiday, you should seriously consider going on a hiking trip. For many people who love adventure and travelling, exploring different parts of a country is a lot of fun. There are many travel agencies that create tailored hiking holidays for their customers. Most people who go on holidays generally let themselves go throughout their trip. They eat what they can and don’t exercise. But holidays don’t need to impact your health in a negative way.

If you want to plan a memorable holiday, you should check out the hiking holidays from Hooked on Walking. The company plans private hiking trips to different places throughout Europe. Hiking holidays can be fun, whether you are travelling alone, with a partner or a whole group. The company will plan the route for you and provide you with all of the essential supplies you need to get on your way. Here are some benefits of going on a hiking holiday.

Feel Better

Numerous studies have shown that going out in nature makes a person feel better in general. You will

Peer to peer accommodation services change travel patterns in many ways

Have you ever used Airbnb or other peer-to-peer accommodation services when travelling? If yes, you are likely to travel more than you used to, you choose your destination from among a wider set of alternatives, and you are more active in your destination.

Peer-to-peer accommodation services such as Airbnb have changed travel patterns in many ways, according to a recent study from the University of Eastern Finland and Washington State University. The study provides new insight into how the availability and use of peer-to-peer accommodation services affect travel patterns. The findings were published in Journal of Travel Research.

The study found that tourists are interested in peer-to-peer accommodation services due to social and financial reasons. Users of peer-to-peer accommodation services are often in social interaction with their hosts, and peer-to-peer accommodation services are a cost-effective alternative to, for example, hotels.

Financial savings achieved by using peer-to-peer accommodation services make it possible to broaden the selection of destinations and the number of trips, while the social aspects inspire people to travel more in general and to stay in their destination for a longer period of time. Financial savings — together with tips from hosts — also increase tourists’ activeness in their

Strand Cruise Myanmar All Set For January 2016 Launch Of Luxury River Cruises

Designed to mirror the legendary style, heritage and world-renowned reputation of sister property The Strand Hotel in Yangon, The Strand Cruise is a superb new addition to the choice of luxury cruises in Myanmar.

Operated with a magnificent custom-built luxury ship, the Strand Cruise will offer three and four night sojourns between two of Myanmar’s most enchanting destinations – Bagan and Mandalay.

On offer will be four night cruises from Bagan to Mandalay and three night cruises from Mandalay to Bagan. Guests are promised a lavish Myanmar river cruise that’s an exotic journey of discovery and on which includes temples, pagodas, palaces, monasteries and remote villages.

The Strand Cruise fares start from US$1,782 double occupancy / US$2,673 single occupancy for Mandalay to Bagan and from US$1,976 double / US$2,964 single for Bagan to Mandalay. For bookings made now, a 20 per cent discount on the public rates is available for January to March 2016 sailings.

Before the regular schedule starts, there will be a four night Bagan to Mandalay Christmas cruise from 22 to 26 December 2015, and a four night Bagan to Mandalay New Year Cruise from 29 December 2015 to 2 January 2016.

At a length of 61 metres, the exquisite Strand Cruise

Sri Lankan Holiday Much Easier And Faster After ETA

In the past Sri Lanka used to be a favourite Island destination for the European travellers. But the tourism there had a major hit for two consecutive decades because of the war between Sinhalese major and Tamil separatists. Ever since the Sri Lankan civil war is settled in year 2009, the Sri Lankan Government took major steps to improve and promote tourism. ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) was launched on 1st January 2012 for those who wants to travel to Sri Lanka for tourism or business purpose. It is an official authorization which is electronically provided for a short visit to Sri Lanka . After this launch the tourism industry in Sri Lanka had a major push. Now getting a tourist or business visa for Sri Lanka was no more tiring. This process is totally electronic, easy and less time taking

Sri Lanka is an exotic and fun filled holiday destination. It is a globally preferred destinations for its rich flora and fauna, golden beaches. For a long time it has been healing it’s travellers with ayurveda and meditation. Here you can indulge yourself in shopping therapy also since you get an opportunity to choose among variety of gems and jewels, fine

Add Some Spice in Your Birthday Party by Hiring Fun-Driven Birthday Party Limo Services in Calgary

Dreaming for a birthday party packed with loads of fun, laughter, entertainment, camaraderie and even more hilarity? Then go for exclusive package of limo service for birthday party in Calgary. Spending a birthday party in a limousine or a limo party bus is a level up from the usual ways these birthdays are celebrated now days.

Now with Limo bus carrying a large group of people to or from a specific location is as easy the way it seems. There’s a lot you can do to liven up your birthday party in limousine. With a little modification, celebration can take a U-turn and your regular party could turn out to be an amazing and memorable one to cherish for life. Here are some quirky game ideas to raise the fun in a limousine.

Ideas for Celebrating a Birthday Bash with Limo Services in Calgary:

  • Scavenger Hunt: This is a game which is perfect for all ages. Make a scavenger hunt list where your guests will click pictures with specified landmarks, then collect the list and items! Create a private Facebook group and all your guests in it. And let them add photos to the group. This will make every member enjoy the scavenger

Romantic Travel Resolutions

India Travel offers about India tourism and Best India travel packages to explore every corner of India With discounts and cash back. Agency!!! Hurry up!!! From a wide range of Travel to India

Put aside those old travel habits and make some new ones! Let this be the year that your travel plans focus on fun, fantasy, and festivities! A new year always means a chance for a new start. You and yours can begin this new-year by making some travel resolutions together, regardless of your time and budget restraints.

Mark the dates on the calendar and keep it just like you’d keep any business appointment. The business of romantic travel, though, is a fun one and an activity that the two of you can plan for months.We’re going to plan a real vacation. No, it doesn’t have to be an around the world cruise or first class getaway (but if you can afford it, what are you waiting for?) It does have to be an honest-to-goodness vacation, though. No cell phones, no laptops.

Buy a guidebook. Rent a video about your destination. Search the internet for information.We’re going to involve each other in the trip planning. All too often, one partner

Situated on Vietnam’s most pristine white sandy beach at Cam Ranh, Nha Trang.

“With advantages of location, landscape and climate, the coastal city has been at the top of Khanh Hoa Province’s tourism revenue. This is a good point for developing as well as distributing holiday home properties in this potential market,”

When visiting Nha Trang, you’ll feel right at home atCam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort and Spa, which offers quality accommodation and great service. The hotel is not too far from the city center: just 30 km away, and it normally takes about 10 minutes to reach the airport. With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the city’s must-see destinations.

At Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort and Spa, the excellent service and superior facilities make for an unforgettable stay. This hotel offers numerous on-site facilities to satisfy even the most discerning guest. Cam Ranh Riviera Beach Resort & Spa is the new and premier beach resort located on Vietnam’s most pristine white sandy beach at Cam Ranh, Nha Trang. It is only 15-minute drive from Cam Ranh International Airport and 30-minute drive from Nha Trang City Centre. Located on 10-hectares of greenery garden and overlooking a 200 meter white sand private beach, with magnificent views of Cam Ranh Bay and the turquoise blue

Seven Seasonal Cocktails that Celebrate Fall in San Francisco

These alternatives go way beyond the pumpkin spice latte.

Reality check: the ubiquitous pumpkin spice latte is not the only drink that signals fall. Especially not in San Francisco, where the bartenders are just as obsessed with seasonal, local ingredients in their cocktails as chefs are with their food. These seven autumnal cocktails demonstrate the ethos perfectly—so grab a stool, and take in the flavors of fall in an entirely new way.

15 Romolo

The name “Cosmic Autumn Rebellion” says it all—it’s seasonal, elevated, and bold. The team at 15 Romolo start with delicata squash puree, which gives this Halloween-inspired cocktail a nostalgic pumpkin-esque flavor. It’s spiked with brandy and sherry, then punched up with lemon juice and fall spices.

A16 Rockridge

Long known for its authentic, regional Italian cuisine, it’s no surprise that A16 Rockridge brought a decidedly Mediterranean note to The Solstizio. Featuring house-made persimmon and ginger syrup, lemon juice and Jardesca (a new California aperitif), it’s topped of with prosecco and a garnish of candied persimmon.

Bon Marche Bar & Brasserie

Discreet Charm: This sweet and crisp fall cocktail is made to pair with Bon Marche’sequally seasonal food menu. It’s a mix of aged rhum agricole, pear liqueur, sesame-infused honey, lemon, and sparkling

My Trip to White Waters


I along with seventy other adventurers set off to the most awaited trip of Jayalgarh. It is a beautiful natural paradise situated about 90 kilometres away from Rishikesh, in the state of Uttrakhand. The trip was organized by a trekkers group called Anala Outdoors which is quintessentially famous for treks and adventure activities. We boarded the Haridwar mail at 10 am and set off punctually towards our destination.

Stations passed and we chatted merrily in anticipation of what was going to happen in this aqua adventure. I made friends with other boys and girls, who were a bit younger than me but very friendly and comical. We joked, laughed, ate good lunch and saw the places go by as we left Gujarat border and entered Rajasthan… The famous rabdi was waiting for us to taste her, and we dutifully indulged in its taste. Time went by and finally on the second day i.e. 30th of March we reached Haridwar at noon. The station was crowded but it was strangely peaceful, the atmosphere seemed religious. We boarded off the train along with our instructors, and got into two special bus coaches which were going to take us